TSC TDP225 2" Direct Thermal Label Printers

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Built with TSC durability, reliability, and commitment to innovation, the 2-inch-format TDP-225 series direct thermal printer features a compact design and high-performance engine that make it ideal for many healthcare, retail and asset tagging labeling applications. 

The TDP-225 prints at 6 ips and is the first low-cost affordable compact 2-inch desktop printers to offer an optional LCD display for easy tracking of print job status. Other outstanding features include an inexpensive internal Ethernet adapter for easy integration into networks and an optional keyboard for printing labels in stand-alone or down-time situations. The TDP-324 is also available, featuring high resolution 300 dpi printing resolution and 4 ips print speed.

Designed with no losable parts, the compact TDP-225 series fits into tight spaces and supports a wide range of applications. It also features a user-friendly clamshell design that allows users to simply open the cover and drop labels into a spring-loaded 5-inch OD media bay. Top-of-form sensing by gap, black mark, or notch is standard, and the black mark sensor is completely adjustable from side to side.

With enhanced electronics, the TDP-225 series offers a 200 MHz processor, standard memory of 4 MB Flash, 8 MB SDRAM, and a microSD expansion slot that increases Flash storage up to 4 GB. The printer supports standard industry emulations, including the Eltron® and Zebra® languages.

The TDP-225W and TDP-324W wristband label printers were specifically designed for patient identification and entertainment ticketing. The TDP-324W offers 300 dpi high resolution for printing high quality graphics and barcodes. The TDP-225W includes the same features as the TDP-324W and is perfect for applications that do not require high resolution graphics or barcodes.

The TDP-225W and TDP-324W are capable of printing most wristband roll products available on the market, delivering both flexibility and a low cost solution for wristband printing applications. Unlike other direct thermal printers, the TDP-225W and TDP-324W features a compact design with large capacity to hold a full 6.5-inch OD roll of wristbands. The ability to order wristbands on 6.5 inch rolls reduces your cost per wristband.

The printers feature a small footprint and can be used ergonomically on a desk or mounted to a wall when desk space is at a premium. The printers feature an LCD screen with buttons and offers connectivity options such as USB 2.0, Ethernet, and USB Host for use with a keyboard or scanner. The TDP-225W and TDP-324W can be optionally configured to print wristbands without the aid of a computer by retrieving its stored wristband printing program and entering patient or customer information from a PC keyboard.

  • Jewelry Tags
  • Retail Point-Of-Sale
  • Shelf Labeling
  • Product Marking
  • Healthcare Specimen Labeling
  • Healthcare Patient Tracking
  • Inventory & Asset Management
  • Small Office or Home Office Mailing
  • Shipping
  • File-Folder Labeling